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Smipio Converge - An Overview
1   Time consuming search for information makes learning slow and highly painful.
2   Campus, industry and people disconnect leads to frustrating career.
3   Lack of experiential learning and simplified work environment result in stress.

Smipio Converge

One platform to bring together high quality knowledge, industry and academic experts, institutions of higher education, learners, business enterprises, and holistic approach to wisely learn and work.

While converging all the stakeholders, each one will be empowered to enthusiastically deliver great performance in whatever they do.



Subject matter experts will bring their decades of experience in hand-picking best content, organize based on skill level and knowledge categories. They will focus on building curated knowledge base and igniting collaboration.


Faculties of higher education, HR managers and learning and development managers in corporate university can focus on guiding the students in their career aspirations. System will automatically deliver right knowledge to right people using personalized learning path.


The collective intelligence of industry experts can be leveraged to capture lessons learned toward bridging the gap between enterprise and campus.

In addition to curating learning content, experts can show more light through deeper interactions.


Learners will be empowered to self-govern, manage their career aspirations insightfully and get great visibility on their self-sufficiency in line with the job opportunities they pick.

Each one will be able to pick their own learning roadmap in line with their career goals.


Managers and leaders in enterprises can post the job opportunities along with the competency profile to automatically find the right talent from the pool.

Aspiring individuals can get visibility into their employability to enable personalized learning to bridge the gap.


Talented people who are ready to kick start or upgrade their career can intelligently pick the right opportunity thereby, increasing their chances of success.

Current workforce can focus on reinventing their talent, reskilling or upgrading their competence through a powerful process of life long learning.


Once the high performance team is organized to work, the system facilitates their on the job learning, team management, project management, support and performance management.

One system makes makes learning easy, simplifies work, and easily manage their entire work lifecycle.



  • Reduce learning cost and increase employability
  • Accelerate hiring and employee ramp up time
  • Simplify work and empower workforce
  • Drive engagement and high productivity
  • Delight your customers by delivering happiness
Smipio Converge
a revolutionary software platform on cloud for reinventing and converging enterprise, education, workforce,
and knowledge library to think, learn, and perform brilliantly together.
for Holistic Knowledge
Smipio Insight helps deliver right knowledge for planned, self-directed and social learning.
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for Holistic Talent
Smipio Talent empowers individuals for confidently achieving their career aspirations.
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for Holistic Education
Smipio Varsity connects faculties, students and experts for enriched learning and employability.
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for Holistic Workplace
Smipio Enterprise transforms the way workforce think, learn, and perform for excellence.
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