Holistic Knowledge Management
to reinvent self-directed learning by harnessing social intelligence
Smipio Insight - Key Features
for Holistic Knowledge

Smipio Insight is a powerful convergence of knowledge organizer, social networking, personalized knowledge navigation and learning planner. It empowers the workforce with right knowledge at fingertips for insightful and empowered execution.


Manage users

Setup job roles, user types and privileges such as administer, capture and view only.

Create user account, map roles, set privileges and disable or enable account.

  Define organization

Maintain organization chart and assign workforce to team.

Change manager, move team members and reorganize with ease.

Manage taxonomy

Define knowledge categories, content type, knowledge level and keywords.

Set Key Performance Indiacators for content contribution for all categories.

  Map team categories

Map categories to teams for secured and personalized knowledge access.

Assign curators (category owners)

Assign subject matter experts (curators) for all key knowledge categories to build quality repository.

Build enterprise knowledge base

Capture content such as file, web link and knowledge notes and classify them for easy access. Tag mandatory content.

  Organize HR and learning content

Organize training content, sales material, HR documents and more.

Maintain HR self-help knowledge base to support the workforce.

Organize project and support knowledge

Setup project lessons learned libray to share failures and successes across teams.

Create knowledge notes for FAQs, solution and answers to enrich support.

  Keep knowledge base relevant all the time.

Define expiry date, archive or discard any content to keep the knowledge base up-to-date.

Add information changes and additions to the content.

Effectively communicate

Intimate right people about new content and changes using knowledge base driven approach instead of outdated email.

  Check the effectiveness

Add quick assessment (quiz) for content to check if people understood the content.

Never miss what's going on

Get alert, check message box, view pending messages, updates and intimation about new content.

  Check message dashboard

Look at knowledge base updates, announcements and team communication using one simple framework.

Make an announcement

Quickly make an announcement to all employees across various locations.

  Track communication

Monitor through information audit trail in case of discrepencies.

Get quick visibility on who has read and understood the content and who has not.

Navigate to right knowledge

Easily navigate based on category, type, level, usage and reading suggestion.

Use powerful navio to navigate to right knowledge without going back and forth.

  Navigate through drill-down charts

Embedded chart helps get insight on available content type and list right content in one or two clicks.

Search knowledge base

Search the entire knowledge base using global search.

Use detailed filter to search within a particular content repository.

  Get the consolidated view

View all the contents across the knowledge base, messages and information about people using one single window.

Automatically suggest related knowledge

After going through a particular content, suggest related knowledge automatically to enhance learning.

Request for missing content

Ask for content, file or knowledge notes when required knowledge is not available.

  Instantly support

Easily monitor requests and respond on time to address knowledge gaps.

Discuss and review

Rate and comment to bring quality content to top and access top content.

Discuss the content to learn more and to improve content quality.



Favourite and pin the content you like or frequently use to quickly refer back.

Easily list favourited and pinned content for each categories and content types.

Drive social learning

Build learning communities and drive discussion. Connect and interact with experts.

Build your own social network and learning circle for exchange of knowledge.

  Manage survey

Create survey to capture people opinion for getting collective insight and feedback.

Democratize idea management

Request for ideas, capture, vote and select the best ideas for implementation.



Monitor contribution

Gain visibility into contribution and drill down at category or item level.

Identify empty categories and knowledge gaps to inform and drive contribution.

  Track usage and learning

Monitor how individuals and team use the knowledge base.

Track category and content level to identify both frequently used and rarely used content.

Monitor learning progress

View the progress of individual and team learning progress and gaps in line with the personalized knowledge categories.



Manage user profile

Define detailed profile including work experience and qualification.

  Search people directory

Navigate and find using various parameters to locate people across offices.

List top contributors

Based on frequency and rating, list top contributors and drive contribution.

  Recognize and reward people

Automatically publish top contributors' details periodically.

Administer easily

Assign multiple admins and help administer using simple interface.

Keep track of admin activities including what is changed or added by who and when.

  Support single sign on

Integrate with LDAP for authentication and easily configure the system for single sign-on.

Note: This feature is only for the on-premise model.

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