Transform education and enterprise
in six smart steps to change the way workforce think, learn, and perform
Smipio Transform

Smipio Transform is a holistic workplace transformation (HWT) methodology, a six step approach to build super performance workplace for the 21st century. Outdated and atomistic thinking of the 20th century prevents today's organizations from moving to the next orbit.

Our consulting, workshop, and implementation programs address the following:

  • Turning philosophy behind the best practice into successful practice,
  • Aligning best practices with strategic business objectives
  • Practical approach for driving and managing change
  • Institutionalizing holistic approach
  • Performance metrics for individual, team, and organization

It not only focuses on creatively converging all the related best practices but also leverages the power of people, process, and platform to maximize organizational capability at individual, team, and organizational level. This paradigm shift helps organizations transcend all challenges blocking knowledge workers from working at their optimal performance.

Six step transformation

1. Organize

Knowledge management to organize collective knowledge for delivering relevant knowledge at fingertips and helping knowledge seekers navigate to the desired knowledge without having to search.


2. Interact

Collaboration network to connect people, easily interact, exchange knowledge, and harness the collective potential. Effective convergence of knowledge management and collaboration network enriches organizational memory and the collective ability to socialize and learn.


3. Think

Organizational innovation to facilitate flow of ideas across the organization and democratize innovation. Systematic capture and discussion of ideas help unearth great ideas and get competitive edge.


4. Learn

Talent empowerment to take control, self-govern, and learn perfectly in line with career plan and skills gap. Empower employees to get visibility into career path, enrich talent development, and help brand their talent for right opportunity.


5. Perform

Work empowerment to perform at optimal level by taking team work and task management to the next level. Embrace self-governance and get empowered by collective insight, simplified best practices, and integrated platform to become super stars.


6. Measure

Change management to plan new initiatives, systematically motivate, drive, and measure the progress of change at personal, team, and organizational level. Monitor progress and gaps in line with the performance indicators using simple and insightful scorecards.

  • To support knowledge organizations for successfully implementing holistic workplace platform
  • To help build a scalable business model for effectively managing growth
  • To enrich human capital management for delivering excellence in all business functions

Why Smipio Transform?

Holistic model becomes a launch pad for transcending all your competitions and challenges.

  • End-to-end
  • Simplified
  • Effectively inter-connected
  • A paradigm shift
  • Thought leadership

For who?

Holistic workplace ecosystem includes enterprise, education institution, and workforce. Smipio holistic workplace practices and platform are applicable for all industries focusing on knowledge-based work.


  • HR and learning & development teams working on human competency development
  • Current and aspiring team manager and leader in all business functions
  • Champions of all best practices working towards workforce excellence and operational efficiency

Education (Higher learning):

  • Faculties and students.
Target industry
  • IT / HighTech
  • Telecom
  • Insurance/Banking/Finance
  • FMCG & Manufacturing (Knowledge workers)
  • R&D function in any industry
Target roles
  • Project manager and team member
  • Training manager, faculty and learners
  • HR manager and executive
  • Team manager
  • Support manager and team member
  • Sales and marketing team
  • R&D team manager and member
  • Knowledge manager and KM champion
  • Quality manager
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