Holistic Higher Education
to reinvent campus for personalized learning and high employability
Smipio Varsity - Key Features
For Holistic Education

A revolutionary platform designed to drive intelligent and personalized learning. It enables faculties and learners to easily collaborate, nurture right talent with enthusiastically accelerate learning progress.

for Enriched Learning
Build intelligent knowledge library

Manage taxonomy (knowledge categories), curriculum plan, courses, map subjects, and link related knowledge to facilitate effective and easy knowledge access. Curate, organize, and build learning content library to bring world of relevant knowledge at fingertips.

Drive personalized learning

Enable learners to self-direct and navigate to right knowledge based on the mapped knowledge categories and skills gap. Flexibility to learn at the convenience of what, when, and how to learn combined with the power of traditional learning methods, keeps learners' energy and enthusiasm up all the time.

Harness the collective minds

Connect faculties, students, alumni, and industry experts to easily collaborate and exchange knowledge. Discuss the content, enrich quality, and bring out the top content through rating, relevance, social circle, usage score, and competency pattern.

Efficiently plan and enrich learning
Facilitate effective learning through simple and powerful learning planner for proactive knowledge acquisition. Monitor learning activities and visit relevant content based on many criteria such as must read, pending, recently added, and more.
for Career Aspiration
Develop strong faculty network

Empower faculties to manage their development plan and enable them to effectively learn. Connect them to world of knowledge and ignite their minds with holistic knowledge.

Change the way they teach and enable them to become facilitators of self-directed learning.

Climb the ladder of success in style

Help individuals to define personal goals and map current as well as required skills for effectively developing right competence. Nurture and manage skills using revolutionary talent empowerment model.

Follow the personal learning roadmap provided automatically based on your development goals and skill gaps.

Spark curiosity to learn thoughtfully

Turning knowledge workers into robots by making them store and follow the information blindly is a big disaster. Establish learning communities to facilitate interaction with experts and ignite curiosity for creative learning.

Bring collective thinking and systematically converge new thoughts to make learning more meaningful and useful.

Nurture talent for the real-life
Manage experiential learning such as project and student presentations to improve employment readiness. Make the huge gap between campus and industry disappear by providing real-life learning environment.
Brighten the future of all learners

True success depends on learners' ability to connect the dots. Help learners to think beyond survival and support them to become employable and position their talent for right opportunity.

Define job opportunities and spot the right person for the job to build dream teams.

Propel progress towards super success

Gain insight into learning activities, self-sufficiency level, and competency gaps to take timely decisions.

Monitor knowledge base contribution and usage to ensure that every piece of knowledge asset is valuable. Capitalize on the resources around to drive the momentum to succeed confidently.

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